Smart Home

Your home thinks along

A smart home is characterized by the fact that heating, lighting and ventilation, as well as refrigerators and washing machines, are networked with one another.
The new, smart house of tomorrow thinks for you and supports you in the areas of security, energy efficiency and living comfort. For example, you can easily control the lighting, surveillance cameras and smoke detectors at the touch of a finger while you are out and about. No matter where you are.

Greater comfort – makes life easier!

This includes, for example, lighting, blinds, heating, but also stove, refrigerator and washing machine, as well as the central and home-wide use of video and audio content. To increase comfort, there is the option of remotely controlling or automating these devices – and even with their own intelligence such as blind control according to the current incidence of light or automatic room temperature control. Just turn the heating up when you’re on your way home. Or turn off the lights when you’re on your way to work. By networking all devices in the smart home, their use can be optimally and individually controlled.


The data of all networked devices are stored in a smart home solution and made available via a programming interface. This is used, for example, for web portals and apps, via which the devices can be controlled and configured. Other, more specific sub-areas of the smart home deal with home automation, smart metering, household appliance automation and networked entertainment electronics. We offer you the worldwide KNX standard for the technical implementation of a smart home.